Zenith Flare Tip Replacement Video

Zenith’s New Offshore Flare Tip Replacement Animation

17 Jan 2023

We are extremely proud to announce the release of our new offshore flare tip replacement animation, whether the flare tip is located on a FPSO or an offshore platform.

It was fifteen years ago when we were approached by a client to develop a safe method of replacing a flare tip onshore without the use of a crane. The impact of cost and delivery time of the required crane was deemed to be excessive at an early stage due to the isolated location of the refinery, so an alternative method was preferred.

The project was to change out a defective combustion flare tip on a 120m high guy wire supported elevated flare structure with a tip weight of 3250kgs. The flare tip was to be changed out as part of a regular maintenance program with minimum impact on productivity.

Zenith designed, fabricated and utilised a bespoke lifting frame which could be quickly installed at the beginning of the turnaround and dismantled efficiently following the flare tip replacement. Since then, we have carried out scores of flare tip replacements around the globe both onshore and offshore.

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