Zenith’s Jetty Capability

20 May 2014

Innovation has always formed a fundamental and significant part of Zenith’s success story. Designing bespoke access solutions to facilitate safe access to structures enables Zenith to meet and even surpass our clients expectations. In recent years, Zenith has carried out major access projects to numerous jetties to allow a full range of services to take place ranging from condition and structural surveys to comprehensive refurbishments. Very often any temporary access is exposed to tidal movements and therefore it’s design has to make allowance for the access platform being submerged below the waterline for periods of the day.PICT0070

Ship movements also mean that access to certain parts of the jetty is often restricted for significant periods of time and therefore any installation and works programme must allow for the jetty’s continued use. “We are currently working for many of the world’s leading oil, gas and power companies. We anticipate a significant growth in this market in the years to come as companies seek to inspect and maintain their maritime assets,” comments Darren Smith, Business Development Director.

Within the Zenith Group, we have the ability to provide structural engineering services, access solutions and also repair technologies. Repairs often involve mechanical services as well as concrete repairs and strengthening of the jetty structure, including the use of FRP. We are only too pleased to be consulted at an early stage where we can bring innovation to the project often saving significant time and costs!

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