Zenith’s Guy Wire Services

11 Jun 2014

As part of Zenith’s portfolio, we offer a full guy wire inspection, maintenance and replacement service. Flare stacks and industrial steel chimneys are often supported by several sets of guy wires. Regular inspection and maintenance is crucial for the stability of the structure. Backed by our team of structural engineers, we provide a comprehensive service to our clients worldwide both onshore and offshore.

Guy wires deteriorate for many reasons and their residual strength reduces during their life. To provide safe use ropes should be periodically inspected and timely dicarded. Premature discard of rope makes unreasonable loss. Our Magnetic Flaw Detection Unit provides the information that can help to make a decision whether the rope must be discarded or can be extended. The Unit is a dual function instrument, i.e. it non-destructively measures loss of metallic area (LMA) and reveals local flaws (LF).

LMA – is a relative measure of the amount of material missing from a location along the wire rope and is measured by comparing a point with a reference point on the rope that represents maximum metallic cross-sectional area, as measured with an instrument.

LF – a discontinuity in a rope such as a broken wire, corrosion pit on a wire that degrades the integrity of the rope in a localised manner.

  • Inspection
  • Lubrication
  • Retension
  • Replacement
  • Verticality
  • Magnetic Inspection (LMA and LF)

With regards to the lubrication of the guy wires, this is carried out without the need for an operative to physically traverse the rope. Instead we use a remote lubrication machine.

Finally, we can design and supply new and replacement guy wires.

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