Flare stacks

Zenith’s Global Reach!

17 Feb 2020

Zenith SAS Limited’s expertise is being utilised more and more worldwide by the leading oil and gas companies both onshore and offshore. Currently, the company is carrying out projects beyond it’s UK home base such as in The Middle East, West Africa, Central Asia and The Far East. Our unique solutions to awkward access/heavy lifting issues puts at the forefront of the industry. In addition, all of our on site activities are backed up by our proactive structural engineering department. A significant benefit that we bring to our clients is our world class inspection services and mechanical solutions. In essence, we are a one-stop shop incorporating all of the services required from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on our flare stack services including inspections (condition/structural/UAV), refurbishments, replacements (main riser/service lines), flare tip changeout (no cranes/no helicopters) and a comprehensive guy wire service (inspection, maintenance, lubrication, magnetic inspection).



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