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Zenith has Successfully Passed The Steel Construction Certification Scheme Audit

21 Feb 2017

Zenith has successfully passed the Steel Construction Certification Scheme audit to become certified to BS EN 1090-1 for an execution type 2 company and will shortly be awarded a Factory Production Control Certificate and Welding Certificate.

Certification to BS EN 1090-1 gives assurance that our systems and practices comply with the Construction Products Regulations and CE marking requirements for structural metalwork. CE Marking of Fabricated Structural Steelwork became mandatory in 2014. This applies not only to constituent parts (steel beams, bolts, etc) but also to fabricated elements and systems made of CE Marked products.

Compliance to BS EN 1090-1 involves:-

  • Purchasing only CE Marked sections, bolts and welding consumables (where these are available);
  • Designers identifying the execution class of the product, as defined in the companion standard BS EN 1091-2, which is determined by the potential risk to the public if the component or structure fails. The designers will also need well-defined specifications for components and kits;
  • Prototypes being subjected to initial type testing. Where type testing is impractical, for example on bespoke designs, the company can use calculations to serve the same purpose;
  • The establishment and implementation of Welding Quality Management system conforming to BS EN ISO 3834; and
  • The appointment of a Responsible Welding Coordinator to control the welding quality management system.

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