Zenith Successfully Completes An Amazing January!

15 Feb 2019

The winter of 2018/2019, and notably January 2019 will go down as our busiest month on record since we started the Company in 2003. The shear volume of work achieved has been, quite simply, outstanding. February also looks to be an equally remarkable month for turnover combined with a full order book right through the year.

“We are very proud of what has been accomplished so far,” comments Colin McCurdy, Managing Director, “and we are geared up to maintain our incredible start to the year.”

As part of Zenith’s expanding portfolio of services, we are pleased to provide our clients with our PfCO CAA licensed UAV Inspection and Surveying Service carried out by our team of 7 qualified pilots.

For many years, Zenith has been a market leader in the inspection of flare stacks, industrial chimneys, natural draft cooling towers, buildings and other structures. The addition of our UAV service will provide added value for our clients as our inspections are carried out by our Structural Engineering Department.

We are able to generate 2D and 3D models from captured survey information and existing drawings. We can accurately determine revised capacities and assess the life extensions of existing structures and structural elements.

Decay, loss of section, material properties, geometry and change of use are a number of variables that can affect the performance and life span of any building or structure. This can all be modelled to represent a snapshot in time and assist with determining the structural integrity of existing assets.

A UAV inspection allows for a visual examination of structures providing photographic and video records. Following the survey, a comprehensive report is compiled by our dedicated team of Structural Engineers. UAV inspections allow engineers to identify and assess the general condition of the structure. This combined with Zenith’s hands on survey capability offers clients a full suite of inspection services.

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