Zenith Successfully Complete Flare Tip Replacement in The South China Sea

12 Oct 2020

Zenith SAS Limited has successfully completed a major flare tip replacement project on a offshore platform located in the South China Sea, 130km from Sabah, East Malaysia.

Zenith SAS Limited worked closely with Zenith’s in house engineering team and designed and fabricated a bespoke temporary lifting gantry which was installed to the existing upper flare derrick to allow for the safe removal of the existing flare tip and the installation of the replacement flare tip by Zenith SAS Limited. Following a successful trial assembly and FAT, at Zenith’s dedicated Testing Facilities in Scotland, the equipment was shipped to the offshore platform for outage work scope.

The flare assembly, with a total weight of 1644 kgs, consists of a HP and LP flare tip encapsulated with a steel shroud, the full arrangement was removed in one lift and the new replacement flare tips were reassembled individually. The client provided a supply vessel that allowed Zenith to lower the old flare tip onto the vessel’s deck, following which the new flare tip was lifted off the deck into position at the top of the flare boom arm.


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