Zenith Secures Several Projects

20 Aug 2019

Zenith’s remarkable year continues on apace! We have just won two significant projects in the UK.

We have been awarded a major steel chimney refurbishment project at a gas fired power station involving the following outline scope of works;

  • Repainting the external surface of the chimney
  • Full replacement of all access ladders and gantries
  • Inspections

In addition, we have secured a major flare stack refurbishment at a gas plant involving the following scope of works;

  • Flare tip replacement
  • Partial replacement of the guy wires
  • Inspection and repair of the steam lines
  • Install new junction box and new thermocouples from flare head to grade level
  • Intros inspection of the 2 number sets of existing guy wires. On completion of the inspection clean and re-lubricate the wires
  • Allowance for general repairs discovered during various inspection works to the ladders, gantries & steam lines

2020 is looking to be another record year for the company as we have already secured several large projects around the globe.

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