Zenith Secures Flare Stack Project in Vietnam

18 Jun 2020

Zenith SAS Limited has been awarded a significant flare stack maintenance project in Vietnam. In fact, this represents Zenith’s first contract award in the country although we have carried out numerous projects already throughout the South East Asia region, both onshore and offshore. The contract involves guy wire services on 2no. flare stacks with heights of 115m (4 sets of 3no. guy wires) and 44m (2 sets of 3no. guy wires) respectively, as well optional additional works.

The scope of works involve the application of new lubricant using the Zenith lubricating machine, vertical alignment check (by theodolite) and re-tensioning (using PIAB tension meter) of the guywires using the available adjustment in the base anchor turnbuckles complete with a comprehensive inspection report with full details of verticality checks and wire tensions. Additional works include a MFL (Intros machine) inspection of a selection of the guy wires together with a detailed inspection report. Electromagnetic tests provide valuable additional information on the condition of wire ropes and are regarded as a useful addition to the visual inspection, particularly, where difficult access precludes a meaningful visual survey. The permanent magnets induce a magnetic field around the rope, any defect within the wire rope creates a stray field, and this is detected and recorded on the data logger.

Finally, on 2no. flare tips, using flange jacking equipment, we will disconnect the flanges on all ancillary pipes, lines, pilots, etc., we will then split the flange joint and jack it open. The old gasket will be removed and a new gasket will be installed, following which the flanges will be closed and bolted up.



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