Zenith SAS Limited Meets The Challenge!!!

29 May 2020

Zenith SAS Limited is pleased to announce our continued commitment to providing world-class services to our clients both in the United Kingdom and around the globe. Despite the challenges of the COVID 19 virus, our management and staff remain fully operational and are able to meet our customers’ requirements in compliance with national and international guidelines.

In fact, since the outbreak of the virus, Zenith has worked tirelessly to meet our contractual obligations whilst strictly observing governmental direction. Our Structural Engineers have been extremely busy throughout this period providing our clients with the highest level of professionalism and detail.

Whilst a number of Zenith’s employees have been furloughed during these past few weeks, a selection of our on-site personnel, as ‘essential workers’, have, during this unique time, been at the forefront of Zenith’s efforts to assure our clients that we can be relied upon and that we will never hesitate to provide the services required to keep industry moving forward. Our dedicated Contract and Administration teams stand ready as we move forward over the months and years ahead, to build on our enviable record of success.

Our Main Switchboard remains open and we are confident that, as a Company, we are well placed to continue as an industry leader in providing our clients with a First Class level of service.

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