Zenith Replaces Steam Line on a Flare Stack Using Lokring

30 Sep 2019

Zenith has recently safely and successfully completed a project on a flare stack to replace 100m of 75mm steam line using the Lokring technology. The section was replaced using specialist man-riding cradle access and then winching the new pipe into location. Lokring is a mechanical method for producing permanent weld equivalent pipe connections to an acceptable standard at height eliminating the need to carry out complex welding and weld testing at height. Basically, it removes the need for hot work and the associated health and safety issues.

The main advantage in using the Lokring method is that it eliminates the need for hot works at height in a refinery environment or offshore.

In addition to replacing the steam line, Zenith carried out the replacement of the flare tip, all within a 7 day window with a crew of just 4 site operatives.

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