Zenith Flare Tip Replacement Service – Offshore Platforms & FPSO’s

5 Apr 2018

Over the past 10 years, Zenith has carried out scores of flare tip replacement projects worldwide, without the use of expensive helicopters or (barge) cranes, for the world’s leading oil and gas companies. Zenith has pioneered the design and installation of a temporary lifting davit which is customised to suit each individual project. Typical flare tip replacements can be achieved within a five day window. Every step of the process is performed in-house by Zenith from structural engineering to on-site works.

The Process

  1. Concept Design
  2. Full Structural Analysis of in-Situ Support Structure
  3. Full Design of Temporary Lifting Davit & Lifting Mechanism
  4. Temporary Works Design
  5. Comprehensive SHE Plan
  6. F.A.T. Test (Prior to Shipping & Verified by Third Party)
  7. Start of Shutdown – Erection of Temporary Works & Lifting Davit
  8. Removal of Existing Flare Tip
  9. Erection of New Flare Tip
  10. Inspection/Refurbishment of the Flare Stack (If Required)
  11. Dismantling of Temporary Works & Lifting Davit

Our flare tip replacement service is perfect for offshore installations such as FPSO’s & Platforms. In addition, onshore, if access for a crane proves onerous, our method is found to be extremely cost effective.

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