Zenith Completes Another Offshore Flare Tip Replacement!

10 Mar 2022

Zenith has safely and successfully completed yet another offshore flare tip replacement in The Middle East. The flare tip is located on an offshore platform on an elevated boom structure. Zenith’s structural engineers designed and fabricated a bespoke temporary lifting gantry to carry out the procedure. Following a successful trial build and Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) at our dedicated test facility in Scotland, the gantry and associated equipment was packed, shipped in country and mobilised offshore. At the start of the shutdown, the bespoke temporary lifting gantry was installed to the existing upper flare derrick which allowed for the removal of the existing flare tip and the installation of the replacement flare tip.

Zenith operates around the globe performing critical path flare tip replacements for the world’s leading oil and gas companies.

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