Zenith Caps Off Two Chimneys!

13 Aug 2015

The two reinforced concrete chimneys at a Power Station in Ireland dominate the Dublin skyline. Zenith is currently designing and installing two bespoke capping plates to be installed at the termination point of both redundant chimneys. The purpose of the new capping arrangement is to prevent rainwater attacking the internal brickwork lining. Zenith hopes to have completed the project by September, 2015.

At the end of their lifespan and prior to being demolished, industrial chimneys tend to deteriorate rapidly. Of particular concern is the internal brickwork which has been exposed to the flue gases over the years. Once redundant, if rainwater is allowed to penetrate the brickwork, any impregnated acids combine with the rainwater thereby accelerating the deterioration. Isolating the brickwork by installing a capping is a practical method of solving a potentially dangerous situation.


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