Inspection, Structural Access & Repair Specialists

Zenith specialises in delivering innovative structural access and repair solutions to the world’s leading power, petrochemical, process and pharmaceutical companies. We are a market leader in the inspection, maintenance, repair and demolition of industrial chimneys, hyperbolic cooling towers, flare stacks and tall structures.

Industrial Chimneys

The inspection, maintenance, repair and demolition of industrial chimneys remains our core activity.


From flare tip replacement both onshore and offshore to full flare stack refurbishments.

Cooling Towers

Inspection, repair and maintenance of hyperbolic cooling towers using our bespoke access systems.


We provide experienced personnel able to safely carry out a wide range of activities from flare tip replacement to heavy-lifting activities.

Rope Access

Zenith has its own Rope Access division providing safe, reliable and cost effective rope access solutions.

Guy wires

Our qualified inspection engineers provide a comprehensive guy wire service for structures such as flare stacks, steel chimneys and masts.

Bespoke Access

From temporary works design to onsite installation, we are able to provide bespoke access solutions to safely carry out works at height.

Steel Chimneys

Structural and condition inspection, maintenance and repair. Guy wire services. New steel chimneys and erection.

Refractory Inspection Service

Zenith now provides our clients with a full 3rd party Refractory Inspection Service to complement our specialist FCCU & fired heater access systems.