Heavy Lift Awkward Access Projects

Projects involving heavy lifts and awkward access can prove most challenging in the offshore environment.

Where cranes or even helicopters are not an option, Zenith provides bespoke solutions all backed up by Zenith's in-house Structural Engineers.


As a member of LEEA and as a specialist rigging and access company, our highly skilled and dedicated team are passionate about what we do. We pride ourselves in being able to effectively solve complex issues.

As a first step, we provide a full consultancy service in order to understand the client's objectives. We then provide an initial concept design to explain our proposed solution.

Once the client has accepted the preferred method, we submit our full design involving schematic drawings, calculations, health and safety documentation and programme.

Finally, our on-site team of lifting specialists, rigging specialists and access operatives (Advanced Steeplejacks & IRATA Levels I, II and III) can safely and effectively carry out the task within tight time constraints.

  • Consultancy Service
  • Concept Design
  • Full Design (temporary works, fabrication, etc.)
  • Health & Safety Documentation
  • Programme
  • On-Site Execution


Offshore Lifeboat Davit Replacement

As an example of Zenith's unique capability, we have successfully completed a recent project that clearly demonstrates our commitment to providing safe, innovative and cost-effective solutions to the most problematic of issues.

View of lifeboats


Zenith was contacted by a major client, who operates several offshore platforms in the North Sea, to change out the top vertical section (max 2.5Te lifts) on three of their lifeboat stations and to install new lifeboats. The project presented two key problems:

Firstly, the offshore platform crane could not reach the area where the lifeboat stations were located and secondly, the access to and around the stations proved extremely tight for manoeuvrability of necessary plant, equipment and the newly fabricated vertical sections.


The client considered using temporary mobile cranes, additional lifting points and how to utilize scaffolding to allow the crane suitable access, however, this solution would prove onerous due to the load bearing on the platform. An alternative solution had to be found.

Utilising all of our in-house capabilities, Zenith proposed a unique solution to the client, which was duly considered and accepted. The project was safely and successfully completed in record time to the delight of the client.

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