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Our offshore division works around the globe
for the world's leading oil & gas companies.

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Structural Engineering Expertise

Structural Analysis & Reporting

FPSOZenith operates the most up to date design and analysis software.

This supports all of our engineering services in conjunction with a fully trained and experienced team of Engineers, Technicians and Administrators, this forms the core of our business.

In addition to traditional Civil & Structural engineering consultancy services, we are also capable of surveying, assessing and reporting on all types of existing structure, be it a simple precast concrete lintel or a complex multi-level steel frame or stack for our industrial sector clients. Our principles of analysis and utilisation of applicable design standards and codes are the same throughout.

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Temporary Works Design
3D Modelling and Drafting
Specialist Engineering Services

Congratulations and thank you for the successful flare tip replacement. The KIKEH shutdown campaign was featured in the SBM Newsletter.

Prema Balam, Package Manager

What your team has achieved, given the delays to date, is quite astounding - something they and Zenith should be proud of. Well done.

Craig. J. Chatburn, Late Life Assets Modifications Coordinator

Zenith is doing a fantastic job out here. The team is the best advertisement for your company and they do an outstanding job for your clients.

Jim Leishman, Shutdown Manager

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