July 2017 – Zenith Offshore Flare Tip Replacement Projects

18 Jul 2017

Zenith SAS Limited is currently busy carrying out two major offshore flare tip replacement projects in the North Sea on a FPSO and on a FPSO in the Ivory Coast, West Africa. Flare stacks are typically on the critical path, ‘last off – first on’, therefore meticulous planning is the key to any successful project. Significant cost savings can be achieved using Zenith’s safe, proven, innovative temporary davit method when compared to the alternative helicopter and barge crane options.

Zenith has carried out multiple offshore flare tip replacements on FPSO’s and offshore platforms around the world in South East Asia, Africa, The Middle East and Europe. In addition, onshore, where cranes prove to be an issue, whether through cost or through access issues, Zenith has successfully carried out numerous flare tip replacement projects for the world’s leading oil and gas companies.

Everything is handled in-house so our customers have one point of contact from Structural Engineering to On-Site Execution. Zenith also performs a complete range of services on flare stacks from inspections, refurbishments to our comprehensive guy wire service.

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