22 Oct 2020

It’s been a strange year, to say the least, and as everyone well knows, Zenith is a great believer in offering good quality apprenticeships. Over the years, this has worked extremely well, with many of the previous year’s apprentices becoming highly valued Zenith operators having developed a vast skill base and a truly worldwide view on life.

It was generally believed that Zenith, in the middle of a pandemic, would not continue with its annual search for new talent, however, Zenith has decided that it would be unfair, in particular at this time, not to make available apprenticeships in what is already an extremely difficult labour market for young people.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that Zenith has decided to offer 4 positions this year, within SAS, offering an exciting different approach to producing the best Steeplejacks over a period of time. This offer is not for the ‘weak hearted’. The journey shall be hard, so naturally we need young physically fit applicants with a complete ‘can and will do attitude’.

The Position & Process

Zenith’s aim is to employ successful applicants within Zenith’s scaffold division for a period of up to two years, to a minimum level of Part 2 Scaffolder. During this period, there shall be short durations within the steeplejack industry to gauge aptitude.

At an agreed point, regarding those successful applicants who have achieved to the minimum Part 2 Scaffolder level, a decision shall be taken as to who shall proceed to the next level of training or whether the applicant shall stay as a scaffolder.

The operatives who move forward to the next level of training shall, over a period, become as a minimum:

  • Advanced Steeplejack
  • Level 3 Rope Access Operative
  • Advanced Scaffolder

We invite applicants who are 16 to 17 years of age within the Midlothian Area to apply as follows:

  • Telephone interview (Decision to take forward)
  • Drug & alcohol test and formal interview (Decision to take applicant forward)
  • 1 Hour PT session to gauge physical status (Decision to take applicant forward)
  • Post interview and decision on applicant


Contact: Nicole Steadwood

Phone: 0131 440 3000


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