Zenith Offshore flare tip replacement Equatorial Guinea

Another World Class Project Safely & Successfully Completed!

8 Jan 2021

Zenith SAS Limited has just safely and successfully carried out yet another major offshore flare tip replacement in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa.

The level of expertise required to complete this project clearly demonstrates to our clients our ongoing commitment to providing a world-class service. The entire undertaking was even finished 6 days ahead of schedule!

Using a bespoke lifting derrick, designed and supplied by Zenith’s engineering division, the entire project was completed in-house by our dedicated team and represents our unique ability to take a project from ‘Concept Design’ right through to ‘On-site Execution’.

The 5,000 lbs flare tip is located on an elevated boom structure and we designed and fabricated a bespoke temporary lifting gantry for installation to the existing upper flare derrick to allow for the removal of the existing flare tip and the installation of the replacement flare tip.

Prior to despatch to West Africa, we successfully performed a third party verified trial build and FAT test of the gantry and associated equipment which was then packed and eventually mobilised offshore.

No expensive helicopters or barge cranes were used at any point.

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