Yearly Archives: 2015

Zenith Appoints New Principal Engineer

10 Dec 2015

The Zenith Group of Companies are pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Galbraith CEng MICE as the new Principal Engineer. Andrew graduated from the University of Strathclyde with a MEng in Civil Engineering with Distinction. He joined the Zenith Group in May 2014 as the Senior Structural Engineer, having previously spent 5 years with Costain as a Civil Structural Engineer.

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Zenith Sponsorship

19 Nov 2015

Sarah Hiddleston works as an Administrator in Zenith’s Administration Department at our Head Office in Loanhead, Midlothian. Her daughter, Niamh, has recently attained a remarkable achievement. Niamh, who dances for the Haughey McAuley Academy of Irish Dance from Penicuik, Midlothian, recently competed in the Qualifiers for the World Irish Dancing Championships 2016. The Qualifiers were held earlier this month. The Championships will take place from the 20th to the 2th March 2016 in Glasgow. Zenith is pleased to sponsor her for her dress during the Championship.

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Zenith Secures Second Phase of Major Flare Stack Refubishment

Zenith Structural Access Solutions Limited has secured the second phase of a major flare stack refurbishment project in The Middle East. “Zenith successfully completed the first phase of the project earlier this year and we are delighted to have been awarded the next stage. Basically, we will be changing out a number of flare tips on a demountable flare stack which will see upwards of 18 operatives on-site during the early part of 2016,” comments Darren Smith, Business Development Director.

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Are You Planning for a Flare Tip Replacement?

6 Nov 2015

Many Turnaround Engineers are now planning for flare tip replacements during 2016 and 2017 both onshore and offshore including FPSO’s. Traditionally flare tip change outs have been performed using barge cranes or helicopters, both of which prove to be expensive. Zenith has pioneered a safe and efficient alternative that is being used by many oil and gas companies around the globe. To help you to understand our technology better, we have prepared an animation that explains the process from start to finish. By clicking onto the link below, you will be taken to our FLARE STACK page –

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Zenith Successfully Completes Major Flare Stack Refurbishment – West Africa

5 Nov 2015

Zenith has just completed a major flare stack refurbishment project in West Africa. The £500,000 project involved the refurbishment of the flare tips, guy wire services and structural maintenance. Flare stacks are often on the ‘critical path’ of a turnaround and very often the last part of a process to go offline and the first to go back online. Planning at an early stage is the key to working safely within the tight time constraints. Over the years, Zenith has gained a wealth of experience operating in remote parts of the globe.

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Zenith Celebrates 12 Years in Business!

2 Oct 2015

It was in October 2003 that Zenith Structural Access Solutions Limited was formed as a company and we are delighted to be now celebrating 12 years in business. “When we first started on the 2nd October 2003, we had no idea that we would be where we are today. The success of Zenith has been down to the dedication and professionalism of all of our employees,” comments Colin McCurdy, Managing Director.

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CICIND Conference Gdansk

10 Sep 2015

At the forthcoming September CICIND conference in Gdansk, Poland, Zenith will be presenting the second part of a Technical Paper detailing the by-pass stack project at a cement plant in the United Kingdom. The first part of the paper was presented at the conference held in Boston, USA, in May of this year.

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Online Hot Camera Industrial Chimney Inspections

19 Aug 2015

Zenith Structural Access Solutions Limited offers an online ‘hot camera’ inspection service for industrial chimneys. The ‘hot camera’ is lowered into the gas stream whilst the chimney is online. Photographs can be taken on all elevations from the termination point down to the baffle wall, if applicable, situated at the base of the stack. Defects can be identified enabling engineers to propose a scope of works and order necessary materials well in advance of the shutdown. Zenith provides this service worldwide on power stations, oil refineries and other process plants.

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Zenith Caps Off Two Chimneys!

13 Aug 2015

The two reinforced concrete chimneys at the Poolbeg Power Station dominate the Dublin skyline. Zenith is currently designing and installing two bespoke capping plates to be installed at the termination point of both redundant chimneys. The purpose of the new capping arrangement is to prevent rainwater attacking the internal brickwork lining. Zenith hopes to have completed the project by September, 2015.

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Flare Tip Replacement – Gulf of Mexico

15 Jul 2015

As part of Zenith’s global expansion drive, we have formed a strategic alliance with Industrial Access Inc. of Georgia, USA. With our combined wealth of experience in the offshore industry and in the US market, we are able to offer our clients a safe, innovative and cost effective method of replacing flare tips without the use of expensive barge cranes or helicopters. With our dedicated team of Structural Engineers, we are able to work with our clients at the planning stage of a project. Our services encompass structural analysis, structural calculations, temporary works design and on-site flare tip replacement.

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