Zenith’s Addition to the Fleet

17 May 2019

Zenith Consultants is experiencing an unprecedented period of growth due to the huge demand for its world class engineering and inspection services. Due to this increased activity, we have recently added another vehicle to our fleet to accommodate our additional inspection team members. Zenith Consultants…

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Major Refinery Shutdown Underway

8 May 2019

We are currently completing a major oil refinery turnaround involving multiple projects on industrial chimneys, heaters and vessels. We are providing specialist access solutions, inspections, mechanical and civils repair, refractory relining, expansion joint replacement, heavy lifting operations and much more….

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Zenith – Refinery Shutdown

16 Apr 2019

Zenith is currently carrying out a major refurbishment of a reinforced concrete chimney on an oil refinery. We are rebuilding and repairing part of the internal brick lining, installing a new capping arrangement at the termination point and painting the…

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Zenith Successfully Completes An Amazing January!

15 Feb 2019

The winter of 2018/2019, and notably January 2019 will go down as our busiest month on record since we started the Company in 2003. The shear volume of work achieved has been, quite simply, outstanding. February also looks to be an equally…

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Zenith’s £120,000 worth of Investment

11 Feb 2019

The Zenith Group is currently going through a vigorous process of purchasing and upgrading our entire fleet of CE Approved suspended access cradle equipment which meets and exceeds all safety requirements. “Our investment clearly demonstrates our commitment to provide the…

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Zenith’s Makes Wee Boy’s Wish Come True!

31 Jan 2019

Zenith is very proud to play a part in making this wee boy’s wish come true. We have purchased an adapted trike for a young local boy James Russell. James should receive his specially adapted shiny red trike in approx. 7…

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Zenith Begins 2019 With A Full Order Book!

7 Jan 2019

Zenith SAS Limited is starting 2019 with an unrivalled level of secured contracts already in place. 2018 proved to be a remarkable year for the company which saw Zenith achieve an extremely high level of profitability. Moving forward, we are on…

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Zenith’s Record Year

28 Nov 2018

When Zenith SAS Limited began operations in 2003, never in our wildest dreams did we anticipate where we would be today, having just completed our 15th year in business. We will look back on 2018 as our best year ever,…

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Zenith Increases It’s Offshore Presence

24 Sep 2018

2018 has seen a significant expansion in our offshore presence worldwide. We are currently working on a project to replace 3no. Offshore lifeboat davits on a platform in the North Sea as neither the platform crane nor helicopter can access…

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